Your company need new, more effective methods of promoting services and goods? TRADING SERVICE Company is ready to provide the optimal solution for this problem! We offer comprehensive advice and help odnaleść new opportunities for your business to European markets as well as in Ukraine.

What is needed from you:
• The desire to expand the sales channel for their products and enter a whole new level of economic activity;
• Services and products that are in demand in various parts of Ukraine and Europe;
• The desire to get ready, stable and profitable business in Poland.

Our partners
TRADING SERVICE - is pretty young and actively growing company that works with the best European and the largest Ukrainian producers.

• Equipment Centre facade. The company holds a leading market position in the production of ventilated facades, facades

• Company “Holstroy” since 1990 working on the design and manufacture of mobile prefabricated buildings. During this time we implemented more than 200 projects, which are successfully functioning on the territory of Ukraine and Russia

• PTF "Farmakom" Ltd. - Ukraine's largest manufacturer of dietary supplements, high quality and highly effective cosmetics of Wellness orientation, special dietary supplements. Strategic direction of the company is development of products with proven clinical efficacy. The products of PTF "Farmakom" Ltd. is represented in Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Transnistria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Georgia and Armenia. It can be purchased in online shops of Germany, USA and New Zealand - FARMAKOM
• Company “Vector” specializes in the design and manufacturing of inflatable structures, amusement rides, construction of prefabricated inflatable structures. We have mastered advanced technology of manufacturing of inflatable and fiberglass products, steel structures. The production is equipped with modern communication and navigation, offered free installation equipment and accessories, a wide choice of additional options

•  Company "Romet Wałcz". Production Bicycle parts - mechanisms, the press and the hub and services, galvanic and mechanical 

•  Company "AGRECOL". is a Polish firm which has been doing for more than twenty-five years manufacture of specialty fertilizers and chemicals for the care and protection of plants

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